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Fire Risk Consultants recently attended the AFAC Conference and Trade show at the Melbourne Convention Centre. We attended as a member of the the EMERG alliance.

We enjoyed the opportunity to speak with hundreds of fire industry professionals and discuss how we could support their future needs.

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We often receive calls and emails from people seeking clarification about what type of report they need to satisfy Council or a Building Surveyor. We understand that the process of satisfying the bushfire safety requirements can sometimes be challenging.

Regardless of the process, Fire Risk Consultants are able to work with you to determine the most appropriate report and to then undertake the assessment. The outcome will be in the format that is required to satisfy the regulatory process.

So what is a Bushfire Management Statement?

It is a report required by the Bushfire Management Overlay. Properties that are within close proximity (usually 150 metres) to treed vegetation can find themselves within the Bushfire Management Overlay. The best way to find out is to visit and search for your property. Print out a property report and it will tell you if you are within the Bushfire Management Overlay.

What is a BAL assessment?

A Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment is required when a property is within a Bushfire Prone Area. The actual assessments are very similar however the Bushfire Management Overlay requires more treatments to be implemented. A BAL assessment identifies the construction level to offset the impacts of a bushfire.

Fire Risk Consultants are experts in determining the most appropriate method of assessing your bushfire risk as well as completing the required reports to enable you to finalise your building plans.

Major Bushfire Risk Reduction Project in Bendigo


Several of the Fire Risk Consultants team have been based in Bendigo, Victoria over the last few weeks conducting important bushfire mitigation works. These works have included:
1. Upgrading of fire access tracks
2. Building Asset Protection Zones next to homes
3. The installation of road and track signage

Key partners in this work have included the Country Fire Authority (CFA), Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) and the City of Greater Bendigo. With another tough fire season forecast these works are vitally important to help protect Bendigo residents from Bushfire.

Landscape Bushfire Risk Mitigation Works in Victoria


Fire Risk Consultants have recently been engaged by a major Asset Manager in Victoria to help protect their assets from bushfire. This work has included an assessment of bushfire risk, an assessment of the organisation’s capability to respond to a bushfire and a bushfire risk reduction strategy. This strategy, combined with ongoing support from the team at Fire Risk Consultants will greatly assist this organisation to reduce bushfire risk to their assets, their people and visitors.