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Battery Storage Facility Fire in Victoria, Australia


Recently a fire occurred in a battery facility south west of Melbourne on the outskirts of Geelong. As these types of fires are rare, there is no doubt that numerous investigations are underway to determine the cause and to identify any learnings that will mitigate this occurring again in the future.

The construction and operation of Battery Storage Facilities is increasing across Australia. There have been a number of announcements for new Battery Storage Facilities and this is expected to continue whilst Australia continues to transition away from coal fired power stations and the recognition that renewable energy installations require backup systems including Battery Storage Facilities.

As with all technology, the risk of fire should always be a strong consideration in the design and operation of these facilities. Fire agencies in some States have published guidance materials that provides information on the required spacing between the batteries and the external perimeter, water supplies for firefighting purposes, access and egress and emergency management planning.

Fire Risk Consultants have supported the industry with safe and effective bushfire safety designs for Battery Storage Facilities. We have expertise in assessing the risk from bushfire impact or the internal risk from a battery fire in line with the relevant State and agency requirements.

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