EMERG has been forged from a group of companies with extensive knowledge and experience in all Emergency Management and Land Management operations. EMERG will build Capability, Resilience and Capacity through a diverse range of quality Training, Consulting, Mentoring, Leadership and knowledge sharing services.

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We work closely with our partners to tailor your specific Training needs:


Fireground RTO 41245 is a Registered Training Organisation planning and delivering training in fire planning, leadership and operations throughout Australia and abroad.

IC Intent Training

Fire and incident management specialist with strategic operational and leadership experience in the land management and all hazard sectors.

Fleet Helicopters

Fleet Company have had Over 20 years experience in providing high quality helicopter solutions to diverse range of industries. Dealing with Diverse operations ranging from bush fires, stringing power-lines, mustering cattle and aerial crane-work.

Total Eco Management

Total Eco Management have proven experience in environmental management and planned burning preparations and operations including preparation of control lines, safety management and resource allocation. They also have experience in cultural heritage awareness and management including working with Traditional Owner Groups across Australia.