Bushfire Management Statements and BAL Assessments

The planning and building system within Victoria and Tasmania in relation to bushfire protection is integrated. Significant areas of Victoria are covered by a Bushfire Prone Area with a smaller area covered by the Bushfire Management Overlay. Fire Risk Consultants have extensive experience in assessing your land and providing the appropriate report to enable you to undertake the subdivision or building works that you are planning.

Fire Risk Consultants have supported property owners to achieve planning permits in multi lot subdivisions, house extensions, new homes and other activities.

We work closely with Building Surveyors, Council Planners, Consultants and CFA to ensure that your property assessment is accurate and relevant. We personally inspect every site and do not rely on aerial imagery alone to form a view of the risk to your property. We also have extensive experience in working with complex properties where there is significant risk from a bushfire.

Bushfire Management Overlay

The Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) is applied to land with the potential to be affected by extreme bushfires. New development and uses in the BMO may require a planning permit. This ensures that bushfire hazards, such as vegetation, slope and site access are assessed, and that bushfire protection measures are in place to manage risk.

If the BMO applies, a planning permit may be needed to subdivide your land,
build a new house or significantly extend an existing house.

Bushfire Prone Areas

Victorians have a long history experiencing bushfires. Every summer, Victorian communities, businesses, assets and infrastructure are threatened by bushfire, with 84% of Victoria considered bushfire prone. New homes being built, or existing homes being renovated within this bushfire prone area require a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) site assessment to accompany the building permit application. A BAL assessment measures a building’s potential exposure
to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact.

This assessment will help guide construction methods and materials to improve bushfire protection. A properly undertaken BAL assessment may help mitigate unnecessary construction costs.

Contact Fire Risk Consultants today for assistance and expert advice – we will help you
navigate through the bushfire planning and building process.

For more specific information relating to Tasmanian Bushfire Planning please click HERE.

Bushfire Fuel Management Plans. Including Fire Protection Planning and Asset Protection Plans

Bushfire management plans are often a great way to bring all the key areas of assessing your risk from a fire and implementing a planned approach to reducing this risk. Bushfire management plans completed by Fire Risk Consultants will include risk assessments, mitigation options, works plans and the level of emergency response and management expertise.

Fire Risk Consultants have undertaken numerous bushfire management plans for large industry through to small businesses. It is a critical tool that will ensure the risk to you, your staff and visitors and your property is reduced.

We are also able to provide specific plans including asset protection plans and fire protection plans. Initially we will work with you to understand your risk and then assist with determining the most effective plan to enable the reduction of risk to occur.

Emergency Management Planning

Fire Risk Consultants have extensive experience in the development, review and exercising of emergency management plans. These include small businesses through to large events. We ensure the development of emergency management plans conform with Australian Standards and meet the requirements of local emergency services.
Through our extensive experience in working with emergency service agencies, we understand the importance of ensuring effective consultation occurs during the development of plans. It is imperative that the emergency management plan for your site or event is integrated and aligns with emergency service agencies. We also ensure your emergency management plan aligns with other plans that you may have including business continuity plans, risk management plans and internal policies and procedures.

A key benefit of choosing Fire Risk Consultants is that we treat every site individually. We understand that no two sites are the same and the risk and potential emergencies are different. We do not support the template approach to the development of emergency management plans.

Fire Risk Consultants have experience in the following types of plans:

Risk assessments
Response procedures
Evacuation procedures
Large event emergency management plans

Prescribed Burn Planning

Fire Risk Consultants have extensive experience in the planning and conducting of prescribed burns. Fire Risk Consultants have experience working across most States of Australia and have developed plans from small community protection scale through to large broad landscape burns. We also have experience in planning and conducting
burns associated with high risk facilities.

Prescribed burning can be a high-risk activity that if planned and managed well, can ensure your asset and the surrounding community can be better protected from future bushfires.

Fire Risk Consultants are available to manage the entire prescribed burn from community engagement to conducting the burn or we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

Bushfire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Consultants provide bushfire risk assessment services that can be utilised in a variety of industries including critical infrastructure protection, community protection and small scale operations. Fire Risk Consultants utilise the latest science and technology to enable you to better understand the risk to your investment from bushfires.

Fire Risk Consultants have extensive expertise in developing short and long term works plans that following a detailed risk assessment that turns your assessment into action. We are also available to undertake auditing of the plans implementation to provide informative advice to better protect your investment from a bushfire.

Tasmanian Bushfire Planning Services

Fire Risk Consultants offer a range of operational and strategic services in the bushfire risk reduction sector specialising in the Tasmanian built and natural environment.

We provide services throughout Tasmania including:

Bushfire risk advice

Bushfire protection planning including Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments

Practical solutions during development application or building application processes including renewable energy projects

Bushfire fuel management plans and strategies including burn planning

Project management and delivery of on-ground works including fire trail works, mechanical vegetation works and property access

Nationally Accredited Emergency Management Training

Contact Rob Whittle – Senior Consultant Bushfire Risk on 0419 510 618 or

Contract and Project Management Capability

Fire Risk Consultants are experienced contract and project managers. We can provide highly experienced people to manage your projects and/or contracts. We can provide this service on a short or long term basis.

We are highly experienced in the provision of vegetation management services including community engagement, on ground works and ongoing maintenance. We have a network of highly experienced plant and equipment operators who will ensure works
are carried out safely and effectively.

Emergency Management Training

Fire Risk Consultants are part of the EMERG Alliance which ensures we can deliver world class emergency management training from fire extinguisher use to incident management leaders. Our own staff are highly experienced incident leaders having developed their skills within Australia and internationally.

Emergency management training is often required by your State’s WorkSafe guidelines and legislation. Fire Risk Consultants ensure that the training provided is related to the organisation and the types of emergencies that may occur. We work with your organisation to ensure that we understand your business and what aspects of training you specifically need. We will also ensure that you have an understanding of skills maintenance activities that you can utilise within your own organisation or we can provide ongoing support to ensure your people are ready to respond to any emergency.

Renewable Energy Projects – Bushfire Planning

Our team is heavily invested in the renewable energy sector with support to wind and solar farm developers across Australia. We can provide:

  • Sound knowledge of how fire can impact on wind, solar and battery facilities.
  • Bushfire protection planning for your asset.
  • Liaising with the local fire authorities to support the development.
  • Deliver bushfire risk mitigation measures to the development during the design, construction and operation.
  • Community engagement advice on bushfire related matters.
  • Expert advice on all fire risk matters, including presenting at Planning Panels.

Fire Risk Consultants can assist with the assessment of bushfire risk, preparation of reports that provide effective and workable strategies to minimise bushfire risk along with engaging with your stakeholders.

Nationally Accredited Training

Fire Risk Consultants offer a range of Nationally Accredited training units and services in Emergency Management on behalf of Fireground RTO 41245 through a Third-Party Agreement.