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Fire Risk Consultants supporting the renewable energy market


The team at Fire Risk Consultants are heavily invested in the renewable energy sector providing support to wind and solar farm developers across Australia and Overseas. We have extensive experience in the assessment of bushfire risk, emergency management planning and fire mitigation planning relating to renewable energy proposals.

We can provide:

  • Sound knowledge of how fire can impact wind, solar and battery facilities.
  • Bushfire protection planning for your asset.
  • Liaising with the local fire authorities and other stakeholders to support the development.
  • Deliver bushfire risk mitigation measures to the development during the design, construction and operation.
  • Participation in community engagement activities on bushfire related matters.
  • Expert advice on all fire risk matters, including presenting at Planning Panels.

We have recently completed a major bushfire risk assessment for the proposed Delburn Wind Farm located in the Gippsland Region in Victoria, Australia. Check out our report at the below link.

Fire Risk Consultants have expertise in assessing bushfire risk for renewable energy sites

Current Bushfires Across Australia


The team at Fire Risk Consultants work across Australia and have through our current and previous roles within fire agencies and other emergency service organisations met lots of amazing and passionate people. All of these people are actively working to support communities deal with the bushfires in all corners of Australia.

We extend our appreciation and support to the communities and emergency management professionals who are working together to keep people and properties safe from these bushfires.

Unfortunately, it is still early in the bushfire season in south-east Australia. We have many weeks ahead of dealing with bushfires. There is one key message that we give all of our clients, it is never too late to prepare. If you haven’t done your preparation yet, or need to do more, start now.

There is lots of information available from your local fire service on how to prepare for a bushfire. We encourage you to check it out now.