Fire Risk Consultants is committed to working with you to achieve realistic protection for your assets from bushfire and other emergencies. This includes working with your agency, organisation, company, community or group in all areas of fire planning, fire management, fire prevention, fire response and fire recovery. We will provide you expert advice and real support during emergencies. We will stand alongside you as you navigate the complex world of emergency management and risk.

Our principal consultant and company director Graeme Taylor has a wealth of experience gleaned from over 20 years’ experience working in the private and public sectors in firefighting, fire management, planned burning, crisis management, fire risk management, asset protection and working with communities before and after emergencies.

Graeme has brought together a highly experienced team to ensure that the advice and services provided by Fire Risk Consultants are effective and reduce the risk to your property. The team brings over a hundred years of combined experience in fire mitigations, emergency management, training, firefighting and vegetation assessment and management.




Graeme Taylor has extensive strategic and operational management experience and a strong focus on leadership and critical decision making, in an emergency management environment.

Graeme provides support to agencies, local government and industry before, during and after emergencies. He is able to lead the development of risk reduction and fire protection planning, including fuel modification and management. He prides himself on his ability to promote planned burning as an effective risk reduction method. Alongside this, he also assists in preparing communities and other stakeholders for natural disasters.



Mark Potter is a proven executive with experience in providing leadership across complex and diverse roles. He has a strong background in developing internal and external relationships, operating in complex and technical environments, leading teams through significant change and steering strategy into action.

He has extensive experience in assessing bushfire risk from landscape level to individual properties and turning this into bushfire management plans that when implemented reduce the risk to life and property through practical and effective methods. He has the ability to work with clients to achieve satisfactory solutions that do not impede day to day operations.



Tim Wearne is an experienced land and fire management practitioner with over 15 years’ experience working in fire suppression, planned burning and vegetation management activities, including extensive experience in a variety of operational leadership roles.
Tim has highly developed community engagement skills, responds well to complex and challenging environments and always maintains a ‘safety first’ approach to his work.

During his time as a Senior Manager at DELWP Tim developed strong people management skills and was responsible for managing high priority projects and services.



Henry spent over 30 years working as a Ranger for Parks Victoria – during much of this time he had a senior fire role in the organisation and is a veteran of every major fire campaign in Victoria over this period. Henry cares deeply for the environment and people, and through his work at FRC he has been able to influence positive outcomes across a variety of fire portfolios including working with indigenous groups and community, planned burning implementation across Australia and the supervision of the asset protection works program. We are proud to have Henry as a vital part of our team.



Melanie is the Office and Finance Manager at Fire Risk Consultants. She has extensive experience working in the finance and payroll sectors and looks after all sales, purchases, employee related matters and financial modelling.

Melanie enjoys working alongside Graeme and his dynamic, hardworking team. In her spare time Melanie enjoys walking, reading and hanging out with her family and animals.



Greg Harry is a highly experienced fire and emergency management firefighter, leader and trainer, having spent the past 25 years developing and delivering fire and emergency training around Australia and internationally. Whilst also maintaining an operational role as an Operations Officer, Greg holds a Diploma in Workplace Training and specialises in delivering training in firefighting and planned burning and accreditation of the National units in Developing and Conducting Planned Burns.

Greg is well known and highly respected for his emphasis on crew and community safety and the contextualisation of training to suit the audience. Greg continues to deliver innovative training to fire and emergency agencies.