Fire Risk Consultants Expands into Tasmania

Fire Risk Consultants identified the need to increase Tasmania’s operational and strategic services in the bushfire risk reduction sector.

In January 2023, Fire Risk Consultants established their first Tasmanian offices based in Hobart, providing services state-wide.

Senior Consultant Bushfire Risk & Tasmanian Projects Lead Rob Whittle said we’ve seen first-hand the destruction that bushfires and other disasters can cause for individuals, families, industries, and whole communities. Fire Risk Consultants can use our extensive skills and experience to reduce bushfire risk for private homes, assisting NRM groups, land managers, emergency response agencies, or assisting developers with practical solutions during development application or building application processes including renewable energy projects.

Mr Whittle said since January we have been reviewing planned burning programs, undertaking Bushfire Attack Level Assessments, supporting Local Government through writing bushfire mitigation strategies, and reserve specific fire management plans.

“Roadside vegetation management is key to reducing bushfire risk to vulnerable communities, we have been working with land managers in southern Tasmania to identify areas with increased risk and designing mechanical works to modify and maintain roadside vegetation to industry best practices,” he said.

“Everything we do we put back to our values, Excellence, Integrity, Honesty, Service Delivery, and Courage.”

Fire Risk Consultants was first established during 2016 in Victoria and provides services Australia wide.

Mr Whittle said we offer a range of Nationally Accredited training programs for individuals and businesses. Using contextualised, realistic scenarios, we offer the most effective emergency management and fire-based training services available. All training and mentoring programs are tailored to individual needs.

For more information about our Tasmanian services Rob can be contacted on 0419 510 618 or